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Co-founder 1

Mohammad Atif Shah

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Shah Atif, Managing Director of The Heights, is an entrepreneurial and dedicated leader who empowers others. With a decade of experience, a team of 40, and a background in sales and marketing, he has successfully built a thriving company. Inspired by his love for camping, adventure, traveling, and photography, Shah Atif started The Heights to provide unique travel experiences. A motivational speaker and compassionate individual, he shares his knowledge and contributes to transformative causes. Shah Atif's exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment continue to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential, embrace their dreams, and achieve remarkable success.

Co-founder 2

Tawqeer Ahmad Shah

Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer

Shah Tawqeer, civil engineer with strong accounting experience, defied his young age to become a successful entrepreneur. Passionate about people management, he established The Heights and quickly turned it into a thriving business. Shah Tawqeer's business acumen, along with his ability to manage a team and navigate accounting intricacies, has been crucial to his success. Shah Tawqeer's inspiring journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination, strategic thinking, and effective leadership. His remarkable achievements serve as a beacon of hope for aspiring young entrepreneurs, igniting the belief that greatness knows no boundaries.

Co-founder 2

Mujeeb Ahmad

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer

Mujeeb, MBA in HR and marketing, deftly merged his passion for travel, adventure, and photography, transforming into a thriving entrepreneur. With prior experience as a general manager in renowned hotels, he excelled and specialized in adventure camping, adeptly managing diverse groups. Mujeeb's exceptional skills, job-creating mindset, and expertise made him a standout figure in The Heights' success story. Consistently delivering unparalleled guest experiences, he forged a reputation for excellence in the field, creating a remarkable impact. His unwavering commitment left an indelible mark on the industry as an exceptional entrepreneur.